This site is the location of two family trees, the ancestors of Kate (Kathleen) Stout and Geoffrey Arnold.  Use the Search box to look for people of interest, or use the links below.

In the interests of privacy, family members still alive cannot be viewed.  In practice that means many people born after 1930 will not be viewable.  For some of these individuals, I may have a lot more information, photos, and documents. Contact me if you’d like to discuss these ancestors, or have me correct something.

More about the trees

Stout Family Tree

The Stout Family Tree contains the ancestors of Kate (Kathleen) Stout. 


Arnold Family Tree

The Arnold Family Tree contains the ancestors of Geoffrey Arnold.



Additional information and documents about these genealogies is on katestout.com. The primary researcher is Kate Stout

Labels  On some people there are notes like Tentative, TBD, or MNU. I use these to reflect my research. 

  • Tentative  Don’t have enough data to be sure of the relationship. It’s plausible, but not proved.
  • TBD  To be done. I know I have work to do on this person and his or her line.
  • MNU Maiden Name Unknown. I started this years ago, now I’d say birth name unknown.