Arnold Tree


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Paternal grandfather: Frank Arnold
Paternal grandmother: Kate Denig
Maternal grandfather: Kenneth Rainbow
Maternal grandmother: Lorna Dawson

Paternal Line

Geoff’s American side came from England, Scotland, Germany and Ireland.  His grandmother, Kate Denig descended from German immigrants to Pennsylvania in the early 1700s, and Quaker immigrants to Pennsylvania who came as the area was being settled in the 1680s. The Quaker families included the Harrys, Fews, and Rowles.   Geoff and President Richard Nixon share an ancestor in the Harry line. 

Another ancestor, John Steele of Scotland, was an early educator in the Mechanics’ Institute movement. He helped establish schools for men working in mills and factories in Glasgow, Aberdeen, and New York City in the 1820s and 30s. I’ve recently finished a book about him, John Steele & Family.

Maternal Line

Geoff’s mother, Lorna Arnold (born Rainbow), wrote about her fascinating life, including serving as a British Nuclear Historian. Her memoir My Short Century is available on Amazon. The Rainbow line can be trace back to the mid-1700s, to a silk merchant name Edward Rainbow.  Geoff’s grandmother, Annie Wallis, has ancestors from the area of Tring, UK  in the mid-1700s.

His great-grandfather, Charles Dawson, was an educator and writer.